Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome to TNC Movies Media Merch!

Welcome! Here we will run the gamut and showcase all of TNC's Product line of entertainment related items available to the public: regular catalog items, collectibles, dvds, downloads, etc from NOT ONLY TNC, but from TNC's partnerships, friends and sponsors as well! We scratch your back if you scratch ours - while making sure the customer and audience is happily scratched the most!

Not only will this blog feature products and links, but it will keep you informed on the latest news and happenings related to TNC and its media, products, partners and the like.

Fans and consumers: enjoy our entertainment, social sites, interactivity and exclusive products!

Potential Partners: team up with our sales universe today!

-TNC Team


Here's our current TNC [Shreveport LLC] Link List:

THE HURTING KIND Feature-Trilogy

Official Website:

Official THK Facebook Fan GROUP:

Official THK BLOG:

TNCs Julee Cruise/Remix- Soundtrack EP, Official:

5 Mp3s for $4; Emailed Asap

TNCs Julee Cruise/Remix-Thriller-Soundtrack EP, Facebook:

Official PayPal Seal

TNCs Julee Cruise/Soundtrack EP, Itunes
TNCs Julee Cruise/Remix- Soundtrack EP, Amazon TNCs Julee Cruise/Remix- Soundtrack EP, Emusic

TNC’S feature motion-picture Nutcracker: An American Nightmare (psycho-thriller)


Virtual Indoor Cycling Training DVD's by Gallas[w/ exclusive super-science-data monitering & great music!]

Charles Ashley Event Production and Catering

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